When Viewing Fonts is a Pure Pleasure

Styopkin Software announces the release of version 2.0 of Free&Easy Font Viewer, a very convenient tool for viewing fonts. It lets you view multiple fonts and is provided at no charge.

There are various ways you can express yourself with some nice fonts, like creating a birthday card ornamented with a fine holiday-like font or choosing a firm and impressive font for a web page logo. It’s good to have lots of different fonts; it gives more freedom to imagination. And when you immerse into the design process, it’s better to have all things at hand, including fonts. But, as you’ve probably noticed, picking a font from a variety of them is organized in the way that cannot be called convenient. Would you like to look at all fonts at once in a full-screen mode instead of viewing them one by one or in a small window? Then you will appreciate Free&Easy Font Viewer, a neat freeware utility making font viewing very convenient.

Free&Easy Font Viewer has all what it takes to help you quickly determine which font you want to pick but still remains incredibly easy-to-use. As you run the program, it pops up in a window with all the fonts from the Fonts folder of your Control Panel. For more efficient display of fonts, the program will only show 9 first letters for each font along with numerals and punctuation marks making it convenient to view fonts in a small window. However you can also maximize the window to have a full-screen overview of your fonts. In addition, Free&Easy Font Viewer allows you to scale the fonts up and down as well as switch to different styles, like bold, italic, underline and strike through.

Free&Easy Fonts Viewer makes a handy font viewing tool that greatly facilitates the viewing process. Picking the right font will no longer be an exhausting task but a pure pleasure.

The product has been on the market since 2001 being constantly improved, so that it can be considered the most refined and fine-tuned freeware font viewer on the Web. You can get Free&Easy Fonts Viewer at no charge right now from http://www.styopkin.com.

Pricing and Availability: Free&Easy Font Viewer runs under Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 2000 and available at no cost. Further information on Free&Easy Font Viewer, as well as the fully-functional version of the product is available from http://www.styopkin.com.