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Embellisher eReader 3.1

Type: Commercial
Cost: $39.95
Size: 73.73 MB
Release date: Aug 18 2020
Platform: Linux,Linux Console,Linux Gnome,Linux GPL,Linux Open Source
Publisher’s Site:  https://emrepublishing.com
Publisher’s Product Page:  https://emre-publishing-llc.mailchimpsites.com
Country: United States of America

Embellisher eReader

Not all distribution channels that accept EPUB3 deliver actual EPUB3 files to consumers, and not all EPUB3 files can be read on different devices and software programs. Some content providers store EPUB3 files on their servers to enable online cloud based reading in browsers (Safari Books Online for example). Other (Amazon Kindle for example) convert EPUB3 files into their own proprietary formats and dont allow consumers to directly sideload EPUB3 files.

Still others (such as Apple iBooks) apply a proprietary DRM Digital Rights Management technology that encrypts the content of an EPUB3 file such that it can only be read on the vendors own software and cant be sideloaded into other EPUB3 compatible reading systems note that while Apple doesnt make their FairPlay DRM available to 3rd-party reading systems, even on Apple devices and computers, Apple iBooks does allow users to sideload non-DRM protected EPUB3 files that come from arbitrary sources.

Only the Embellisher (TM) ePub3 eReader has no such reader limitations.

EasyPharm 1.0

Type: Freeware
Cost: $0
Size: 400.10 MB
Release date: Feb 20 2020
Platform: Win2000,WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,Windows 10,WinServer,WinOther,WinVista,WinVista x64
Publisher’s Site:  http://facebook.com/iSlaam.Khaleed
Publisher’s Product Page:  https://archive.org/details/easypharm
Country: Egypt


EasyPharm is a complete easy-to-use pharmacy management app full of features
Features :
1- Ease of use, registration of items, sale and purchase invoices and modification thereof.
2- A strong and fast database capable of dealing with very large amounts of data.
3- The program can be linked on more than one PC with same single source database (in case there is more than one device in the pharmacy).
4- The ultimate protection, data and backups encryption to protect privacy.
5- Display all the registered items, their validity dates and available quantities.
6- Possibility to display drug substitutes.
7- The ability to add custom information about medicines or about any registered item.
8- Addictive drugs appears in the data window or in purchase invoices with a red background.
9- Opening and adding sale and purchase invoices, purchase returns and sales returns invoices.
10- An alert when returning invoices if there is a sale discount.
11- Sales invoices that contain addictives appear in the invoices window with a red background, and invoices from which items were returned appear in the invoices window with a yellow background.
12- Adding expenses other than purchase invoices and income other than sales invoices to the cashier (custom payments handeling in the cashier).
13- Add customers and companies.
14- An account for each customer to monitor his or her debts and the ability to view all the bills he has purchased.
15- An account for each company that includes what was paid to them and what is left for them and view their bills.
16- Ability to search invoices by (item, customer, company or store, pharmacist, date).
17- Displaying the expired items automatically at the beginning of each month, and the possibility of making a return bill for all items or whatever is chosen from them automatically.
18- Others…..

E-Stock Web 1.0.548

Type: Demo
Cost: $35.50
Size: 523.00 kB
Release date: Sep 30 2019
Platform: WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,Windows 10,WinServer,WinOther,WinVista,WinVista x64,Linux,Linux Console,Linux Gnome,Linux GPL,Linux Open Source,Mac OS X,,Android,iPhone,iPad,iOS
Publisher’s Site:  http://www.prsystem.com
Publisher’s Product Page:  http://www.controldestock.com
Country: Uruguay

E-Stock Web

With E-Stock Web, you may manage the inventory of al kind of products that you have in your bussiness. You can check the purchases in goods for your business and their internal and external movements.
E-Stock Web gives you minutely reports and searches and the option to export the data to many formats (such PDF and Excel).
You have as well as a complete report of the products that are under the minimum stock in order to deliver an order to your providers when you need.
If any of your goods have date of expiration, this program has been designed to advise you in advance.
Products identified with Serial Number and Barcode are also handled by the program.
Also, the programa can manage distinct deposits and locations inside each deposit, in order to mantain the inventory well organized.
The program has the following optional modules: Purchase Orders, Expenses.