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Use this form to submit or update your PAD files. All submissions must be compliant with the Submission Policy. This site requires PAD file format version 4.0 or later. More information on PAD 4.0 is available at

Submission Policy

Products submitted to the Software KB Directory must be appropriate for general audiences, legal in the USA, and can not be in violation of the terms of any service or product that it connects to or is used with. Examples: Products with no legal use, like bot software targeted to a single social site.

We review all submissions; off-topic and inappropriate submissions won’t make it online.
Submission of third-party affiliate links is not allowed.
Broken screenshots cause products to be DELETED, so make sure your links work from OUTSIDE your web site, with SSL links. (https://…)

Acceptance of a listing by this form is not a guarantee that your listing will appear online, stay online, or be indexed.



All PAD file removals are handled manually, through our contact form. Requests must include the original PAD URL, and come from an email address matching the information inside the PAD file. If you don’t know what PAD URL you originally submitted–look it up.  Attempts to remove listings in any other way will be considered an attempt to delist a competitor’s product, and may be dealt with as we see fit, including reporting unfair competition to appropriate agencies.