Looking for PAD submissions? They’re here.

Press releases submitted to the Software Knowledge Base news feed will be appropriate for general audiences, and products or service listed must be legal within the USA. We review all submissions, thoroughly. All submissions must be made on behalf of the publishers.

FREE listings are available to members of the Association of Software Professionals; include your member number in your submission. Extremely on-topic press releases from others will be considered, if they’re ready to publish without editing.

There are some restrictions on press releases posted here:

  • Use English. US, UK, or Australian English are all OK. Double-space between paragraphs, don’t indent. No bullet lists–write in actual sentences. Send plain ASCII text. One link is ideal; more than that reduces the value of the links to you. Excessive links will be deleted, possibly along with the entire release.
  • No press releases on adult topics, gambling, or anything that’s illegal in the USA or whose purpose can be legal, but is rarely used that way.
  • No spyware, adware, or any FUD products. FUD==F.U.D., or Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. If your product uses scare tactics as marketing, don’t submit it here.
  • Posters agree that their submissions are their own and submissions may appear in an RSS web feed to other sites.
  • TEST YOUR SCREENSHOT LINKS! If your screenshot won’t load, your listing is trash, and will be deleted.
  • No multiple submissions. Spamming leads to complete and total deletion.

Exceptions to these rules are unlikely; if in doubt, ask first.