Software Marketing with SoftwarePromotions: a New Name for the Same High Standards

SoftwarePromotions, formerly known as SharewarePromotions, have a range of new services for online businesses to maximise exposure, gain market share and increase sales. With the recession behind us and recovery underway, now is the time to gain market share.

New Forest, Hampshire, UK (PRWEB) January 29, 2010 — With the worldwide recession over, consumers and businesses alike are reaching for their wallets and opening their budgets. Companies fortunate enough to have survived the economic downturn are already seeing an upturn in spending. Now is the time to be seen. And SoftwarePromotions Limited (formerly SharewarePromotions Limited) are delighted to announce a range of new services for maximising online exposure.

According to Dave Collins of SoftwarePromotions, there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that individuals and businesses alike are once again spending – and in some sectors they appear to be making up for lost time.

“Website analytics showed us that while the number of visitors to most websites remained static during the recession, many online businesses saw a fall in conversion rates. However the trend appears to have been reversed. We’re now seeing higher conversion rates and more sales across the board.”

And while many are still feeling the after-effects of the global downturn, there’s little doubt that spending is back. According to Dave Collins, now is the time to be visible. “Hatches that were battened-down need to be opened up quickly. It’s time to start making a lot of noise again”.

“Google AdWords is as viable a solution as ever before, and most industries are seeing less competition than a couple of years ago. Now is the time to gain market share. Now is the time to take advantage of lower costs”.

SoftwarePromotions is an online marketing company with more than twelve years of experience. With a team of qualified AdWords Professionals, Google AdWords Management is one of the opportunities that they offer companies wishing to reach the world with their products and services.

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