Softdiv Software Upgrades Dexster Audio Editor to Version 3.2

Edit Sound, Cut Out Noise

Despite the overall simplicity of editing sound in “lightened” audio editors, the unsolved noise-reduction and signal adjustment issues often turn the fun-to-be job into a real chore. The latest version of Dexster offers a solution to the noise and distortion problems, featuring the built-in noise-reduction engine and the graphic equalizer toolbar.

Dexster is a friendly audio editor, capable of handling just about every audio format known. It “visualizes” the sound and allows performing the majority of operations over it with the mouse, by grabbing pieces of the waveform and dragging them to the right “recipient” control in the application window. Besides editing, Dexster can convert audio between known formats and burn it on a disc directly. It supports including Blue Ray drives and doesn’t involve often too expensive third-party disc burning software.

With the latest version of Dexster, users can enjoy a friendlier user interface and richer and more reliable performance – all known bugs have been fixed, and a number of improvements have enriched the functionality of the application. Summing up, the latest version features the functionality of a professional home-based sound studio.

The software can take the source sound from file, microphone or line-in input or, extract it from video or audio CD. Then the sound can be overlaid by another sound from same sources or shaped up by effects or a filter, including adding noise or silence. Both filters and effects come built in the software and can be previewed before they are applied to the original sound. Supporting the vast majority of audio formats, Dexster allows playing back and saving audio files, defining necessary channel frequency and bit-rate and adding markers and descriptions of files.

The editor can handle both individual and multiple files at a time. To convert multiple files at once, users can take advantage of the program’s batch file conversion function.

With the retail price of 40 USD, Dexster keeps gaining popularity among music lovers and sound engineers taking their first steps toward exciting opportunities offered by this career.