4Easysoft iPhone Cleaner

Product Page: https://www.4easysoft.com/


This powerful iPhone cleaner can help you erase unnecessary or unwanted data on your iOS device completely to free up more storage. Whats more, you can choose the desired ones to delete. It provides 3 different erasing modes to satisfy your demands. Key features: 1.Delete large files and uninstall unused apps. 4Easysoft iPhone Cleaner allows you to delete unnecessary or unwanted files, photos, videos, and uninstall unused apps completely to free up all storage they occupy. Then you will have a better experience when using your iOS device. 2.Erase all data thoroughly. With 4Easysoft iPhone Cleaner, you can erase all data permanently and completely. You can preview the selected file before erasing it thoroughly. Since the data cant be recovered after deletion, you dont need to worry about privacy disclosure. 3.Three different erasing modes. 4Easysoft iPhone Cleaner is a powerful tool that provides 3 different erasing modes: low, medium, and high levels, which have different cleaning Intensities and security level. In this case, it will meet your different requirements to clean your iOS devices.


AnyRec Video Converter

Product Page: https://www.anyrec.io/video-converter/


As a powerful video conversion tool, AnyRec Video Converter could convert various videos and audio files with high quality. It supports many kinds of input and output formats, such as MP4, AVI, FLV, WebM, TS, MKV, MOV, AAC, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, WMA, etc. Key functions: 1. Convert videos and audio As a powerful video conversion tool, AnyRec Video Converter could convert various videos and audio files to any other popular formats. In addition, it supports keeping your original video quality during the conversion. Moreover, it supports most current portable devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Google, LG, Sony and so on. 2. Make MV and Collage AnyRec Video Converter could not only convert videos but also make MV and Collage. You could make your own MV with customized themes and edit it according to your need. It enables you to create photo or video Collage and add background music to it. 3. Edit videos before conversion AnyRec Video Converter could also be regarded as a video editor, with it, you can edit your videos before conversion. You could rotate/flip/crop/trim/merge videos, adjust video effects, add and edit subtitles. 4. Compress videos, make GIF/3D files, enhance videos, AnyRec Video Converter can help you edit media metadata and compress large files to smaller size. Furthermore, you can make interesting GIFs and 3D files. Enhancing video quality is also possible and you can speed up or slow down your videos.

MICR E13B Match font 6.2.0

Product Page: http://micr-fonts.com/MICRfont/micrfont.html


This MICR e13b font (also often called MICR font, or E-13B font) is necessary to print numbers and special symbols at the bottom of checks so they can be recognized by the OCR/magnetic ink reader systems used by banks in North America (US and Canada).

To install a font, double click on it, and in the window that appears, click Install.

Because applications may be looking for different font names, there are three different font files :


You may install all files or only the one you need. They are technically identical, but the name will differ in the font menu.

To create the proper magnetic stripe, you need numbers, and separator symbols.

The separators are ABCD. For compatibility with some programs, you can also use single quote, sharp, dollar and percent.

Below is an example of the data one would enter in a plain font, to get the same as the bottom of a check :

9 ‘#$% 0123456789

10 ‘#$% 0123456789



12 ‘#$% 0123456789

Here is how it looks, when the MICR E13B Match font is used (the font must be installed to show the result) :

9 ‘#$% 0123456789

10 ‘#$% 0123456789



12 ‘#$% 0123456789 (12, This is is the proper size)

If you need Unicode encoded separator characters, they are supported as well, compliant to Unicode page U2440

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) strips are used by U.S. bank systems to automate check processing, around 68 Billion last year.

The MICR techology has been invented around the mid-fifties to help processing the growing number of checks that took much too long to handle by hand.

The MICR E13B Match font has been created with extremely accurate positioning, and tested with the finest benchmark systems. It is used daily by major corporations, as well as regional and national banks.