MyUSBOnly 5.0: a Smart USB Port Security Solution to Prevent Data Theft

MyUSBOnly 5.0: a Smart USB Port Security Solution to Prevent Data Theft

Hong Kong – March 18, 2009: AC Element has released new version of a smart and flexible USB port security solution, MyUSBOnly 5.0. Lightweight and easy-to-use, the program provides users with an effective tool to prevent unauthorized access and data theft.

We all know how important data security is, but we often forget about the simplest way of data theft. Nosy co-workers and relatives, bad guys and business rivals can secretly get full access to personal and business data, copying it to a thumb drive. Careless friends can accidentally infect PC with malware or install unauthorized programs, causing system crash. This all means that the data is not secure until the USB ports are protected. To meet this need for a reliable USB lock-down tool, MyUSBOnly has been designed.

The feature-rich program allows users to literally lock the bad guys out of the USB ports. USB Disable feature protects the data from accidentally passing into unfriendly hands: the program effectively blocks unauthorized USB storage devices, such as USB flash drives, iPods, card-readers and portable USB hard drives, preventing data leakage and securing the endpoints. A user may also choose not to block unauthorized USB devices, but to get email or syslog notification messages when an unauthorized USB device is connected to the PC.

MyUSBOnly provides one more key benefit: it enables a user to secretly track and log all kinds of USB storage device activities, including connects, disconnects and data being copied, modified or deleted. This functionality, along with the program’s capability to run in invisible mode, allows detecting problem colleagues, visitors, family members or managers. It is also destined to be highly appreciated by system administrators: with the help of a syslog viewer an administrator can view all the log entries from one or more computers in the network, managing and auditing security.

Explore advanced capabilities of MyUSBOnly and enjoy data security!

Pricing and Availability

MyUSBOnly 5.0 runs costs $29.90 (US) for a single-user license. Multi-user discounts are available. Licensed users are entitled to free technical support via email and free upgrades. Visit to get further information on the product, download free trial version of the program and enjoy special promotional offer.

About AC Element

Founded in 2002, AC Element Company is focused on software development, marketing and support of applications, providing a secure working environment for portable storage devices. The goal of the company is to assist businesses and individuals across the globe in satisfying their needs for endpoint security solutions.