Macube Cleaner 4.0.2

Type: Shareware
Cost: $29.95
Size: 46.03 MB
Release date: Apr 20 2021
Platform: Mac OS X,
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Country: Hong Kong

Macube Cleaner

With the advanced technologies and algorithm, Macube Cleaner helps Mac users to optimize the storage by cleaning junk files, deleting those unneeded documents or other contents, locating large and old files, etc. There are three key features in Macube Cleaner. Firstly, it quickly scans Mac for junk files like application caches, trash bin junks, system logs & caches and deletes them without causing any damage to the Mac. Secondly, it finds and selectively deletes local email attachments, useless iTunes backup files, or unused language packages to free up space. Thirdly, it thoroughly scans the Mac to list those large or old files that users don’t need any more. The most recommended function is to uninstall Office, Spotify, Skype and more. It also well works for managing extensions and private browsing history on Mac computer.