Linux Versions of Sudoku Epic, Mahjong Epic from Kristanix

March 12, 2010: Kristanix Games announces the release of Linux versions of its most popular games. The Linux Games project now includes such high quality casual games as Sudoku Epic, Solitaire Epic, Mahjong Epic, Jewel Twist, Fantastic Farm, Crossword Twist and many more. The clear interface, rich graphics and variety of genres (time management, puzzles, cards, match3, math games, etc.) guarantee hours of entertainment! Free trial editions of Linux Games are available at

Solitaire Epic for Linux

Solitaire Epic features more than one hundred involving levels, unlimited hints and undo! Besides, it is actually a three-in-one game, as there are three solitaire styles: Klondike, Tri Peaks and Matching. An interesting option is that the player can make his/her own customized levels!

Sudoku Epic for Linux

Billions of sudoku puzzles with tips! Customizable difficulty levels and puzzle sizes (from 4×4 to 16×16). Bonus: it is possible to enter a puzzle from a different source and the program will solve it.

Kakuro Epic for Linux

Kakuro math puzzles are for those who would like to train their minds. Difficulty level and board size can be changed; if a puzzle proves to be too difficult, the game provides the player with useful tips. Just like Sudoku Epic, Kakuro Epic can also solve puzzles from other sources.

Fantastic Farm for Linux

A truly magical farm for time management game lovers! The player’s task is to take care of plants, animals and magical machines in order to get enough products and save the endangered farm! More than 150 levels, five game modes, various species and fantastic machines, great power of magic – all that is enough to fascinate anybody for a very long time.

Crossword Twist

Three different crossword modes in one game: common Fill-In mode, challenging Jigsaw mode and Cipher mode, which involves deciphering numbers. The players will appreciate the great number of levels, the absence of time limits and unlimited hints.

Pricing and Availability

The games are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Their prices range from 9.95 USD to 19.95 USD. Volume discount of 20% is available. Further information on the games, as well as their free trial versions, can be found at

About Kristanix Games

Founded in 1999, Kristanix Games combines creativity and great expertise when developing its fascinating and colorful games. That is why its products are so popular with casual game lovers. The major products of Kristanix Games are Sudoku Epic, Solitaire Epic, Mahjong Epic and Fantastic Farm. For more information please visit the company’s website at