iTextPDF Alternative 2022.11.10347

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While there are some advantages to trying a resource like iTextPDF that is rooted in open-source systems. There are also the challenges of overcoming the bugs and errors common to such development histories. A much better solution would be the new iText Alternative created by the expert team at IronSoftware. This fully supports .NET 5, Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure – creating great flexibility for your build.

The fact is businesses of all sizes require more robust PDF solutions. It doesn’t matter if the user is a school sending out quarterly report cards or a multi-national corporation issuing invoices to clients. Having PDF capabilities enhances the value of your upcoming project. Using such an iTextPDF HTML to PDF resources allows users to capture various source data like HTML, URLs, ASPX, text, images, and more. The end result is a stunning document due to the Pixel Perfect Chromium Rendering built into the IronSoftware package.

With this iTextPDF Alternative, you can customize various features of your PDF documents. This infuses personalized elements into the headers, footers, images, and text without sacrificing any security measures. Your users will still be able to implement password protection, permissions, digital signatures, and even metadata management for greater digital record-keeping.

Most importantly, there is no upfront cost to the iTextPDF Alternative. You don’t pay a thing until your project is ready for active deployment into the marketplace. You can learn more by downloading a copy of the enhancement at There are also robust support resources and documentation available at