Get detailed network reports with PC Inventory Advisor

Get detailed network reports with PC Inventory Advisor, an agent-free solution by ClearApps

ClearApps introduces new version of their complete network inventory solution for Windows-based offices, PC Inventory Advisor. It has been optimized for networks of any size, and is working great providing detailed network reports without the need to install anything remotely on network assets.

PC Inventory Advisor was released on March 26th, 2008. The feature list is really impressive and the new homepage of the product is really user-oriented, the same as the GUI of the admin module. PC Inventory Advisor automatically scans remote assets on any network and builds clear and flexible reports. You can inventory all versions of Windows starting with Windows 95 and up to 2008 Server. PC Inventory Advisor 3 generates statistic data on software and hardware, as well as automatically alerts admins on critical issues on the net. With the help of rollback data snapshots, users can keep track of all important changes and get back to compare their networks in the past. 7 types of predefined network reports can be built in 1 click, while you can also compile a custom report with any inventory data which is more important to you.

PC Inventory Advisor is a truly new network inventory solution on the market, in comparison to similar software it scans any network within seconds, and provides convenient HTML reports on absolutely every detail of software and hardware found on the net. This information can be exported into multiple formats as well as printed right away to provide informative eye-catching hard copies of the reports. Unlike other similar solutions, PC Inventory Advisor automatically analyzes network structure and builds the assets tree with its unique Smart Scan feature.

Moreover, for a limited time ClearApps offer sufficient discounts to all users who already implemented other network inventory solutions in their environments. They advertise 90% competitive discount to anyone who decides to switch to PC Inventory Advisor from other software, firmly standing behind the quality of their new release.

You are welcome to visit PC Inventory Advisor homepage with detailed tutorial and descriptions here:

The free 30-day demo version is available here:

ClearApps has been in network consultancy and successfully marketed PC Inventory Advisor for more than 7 years in small and large offices. Their new release is already adopted by many companies in US, Europe, Asia and worldwide.