File and Folder Comparison Powerhouse

PrestoSoft has released ExamDiff Pro v. 4.0, a powerful file and folder
comparison tool for Windows that makes it easy to keep track of files
and directories as they change over time. It’s easy to synchronize
directories, compare versions of documents, or identify tiny changes
between different versions of any type of file.

Unlike simple comparison utilities, ExamDiff Pro offers regular
expression (regex) filters, visual binary file comparisons, word wrap
support for comparing paragraphs, identification of line-, word-, and
character-level differences, named sessions, and full-featured file
editing. You can even compare Word, Excel, and PDF documents using
ExamDiff Pro plug-ins.

Software developers can use ExamDiff Pro to track changes in files and
folders, perform code reviews, and compare a local web site to its
remote version on an FTP server. The program lets you ignore programming
language comments in your comparisons, so you can focus on the source
code. Syntax highlighting allows you to visualize the code that is being
compared. The built-in editor lets you directly change the documents
that you are comparing. You can even compare DLLs, EXEs, and other
binary files.

ExamDiff Pro lets software testers optimize their time by automating
their evaluation of test results. By validating test results against a
baseline, errors and changes can be detected quickly. It’s easy to save
the file differences in a standard UNIX DIFF file, or to a dynamic HTML

The program lets all business users synchronize files and directories
between PCs. When you work on a laptop, an office desktop, and a home
desktop, it’s easy to forget where to find the latest versions of files
and folders. ExamDiff Pro quickly identifies the latest information, and
synchronizes your computers.

ExamDiff Pro has all of the advanced features that you’d expect to find
in a professional comparison application, including sophisticated search
features, a command line interface, a plug-in library, drag-and-drop
support, Unicode support, and options for ignoring capitalization, white
space, and comments.

New features in version 4.0 include support for customized document
types, syntax highlighting, and the ability to easily create and edit
complex filter sets for directory comparison.

Whether you’re a business person who needs to track changes in text
documents, a software developer who needs to manage multiple copies of
source code, or a web developer who needs to quickly compare the
differences in various versions of your web site, ExamDiff Pro has the
tools that you need.

ExamDiff Pro v. 4.0 runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista,
costs $35(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely
online from Multi-user and educational
discounts are available. You can download a trial version of ExamDiff
Pro from the company’s web site.

For more information, contact PrestoSoft, PO Box 3611, Thousand Oaks, CA
91359 USA Phone: (877) EXAMDIFF Internet: