Enjoy Your Fully Organized Music Collection

Moss, Norway – FNProgramvare has released CATraxx v. 8.0 for Windows, a
powerful music organizer that makes it easy to catalog your entire music
collection, including MP3 files, vinyl records, cassette tapes, and CDs.
Unlike cataloging software that requires you to type all of your
information, CATraxx can automatically download CD data from the
Internet. In addition, it can find all of the music files on your
computer, and add all of the information from their audio file tags to
your music database. If you edit the tags in the database, CATraxx can
even update the audio tags embedded in your music files.

Browsing your music database is as familiar as using Explorer. The
powerful search function lets you locate any song instantly. You can
customize your data views and reports to contain the information that is
important to you.

CATraxx can accommodate the largest music collection. You can create
multiple databases, and easily transfer albums between them. In addition
to storing the album title, artist, media format, release year, label,
genre, catalog number, price, value, playing time, and song titles, the
database also handles information about songwriters, producers, studios,
musicians, and instruments. There are more than 70 custom fields, so you
will never outgrow the software. You can store artist profiles,
biographies, reviews, artist photos, and album covers. Keep track of
which of your kids owns each album, and which of their friends they’ve
loaned them to. You can add hyperlinks to fan sites, and links to ripped
audio files.

The built-in audio player supports eleven types of audio files,
including all of the popular PC formats. The CATraxx database is linked
to the audio player, allowing you to find music quickly, and keep a
detailed log of all the music that you play.

Unlike most organizers, CATraxx makes it easy to customize nearly
everything. You can change data field names, hide data fields that you
don’t want, and set default values for fields. Create your own media
formats and genres. You can even redesign the data-entry screen. Reports
and lists can look exactly the way you want, with your choice of colors,
fonts, and information. It’s easy to change the sort order, grouping,
and filters.

There is a comprehensive library of add-on products that you can
download and install, without charge. Add-ons let you import music
information from more than a dozen other music organizers, use your
favorite web browser to view your music catalog, transfer your music
data to your desktop spreadsheet or PDA database, view your database on
your Pocket PC or iPod, and more.

Whether you’re a music lover who wants to get your collection organized,
a parent who is tired of buying duplicate albums for the family, or a
homeowner who wants to create an inventory of your collection for
insurance purposes, CATraxx has the tools that you need.

CATraxx v. 8.0 runs under Windows 2000/XP/Vista, costs $39.95(US) for a
single-user license, and may be ordered securely online from
http://www.fnprg.com/. You can download a free trial version from the
same web address. For more information, contact FNProgramvare, Pb 721
Krapfoss, N-1509 Moss, Norway. Fax: +1 253 276-2626 Email:
info@fnprg.com Internet: http://www.fnprg.com/