Dose for Excel 3.1.4

Type: Shareware
Cost: $9.95
Size: 1.23 MB
Release date: Sep 02 2015
Platform: Win2000,WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,Windows 10,WinServer,WinOther,WinVista,WinVista x64
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Country: Saudi Arabia

Dose for Excel

Dose for Excel is a powerful, feature-rich add-in for Microsoft Excel, which allows you to quickly perform functions that would otherwise take up much time. The tool integrates with excel and allows you to easily access its features from the command ribbon.
The advantages brought by Dose for Excel are simple and very handy especially for users who often work with Excel. Some features are new to Excel while others are greatly simplified.
All functions are available for current sheet, for the selected cells or the entire workbook:

1- Delete rows: entire empty lines, at least one empty cell or identical rows, or rows that contain a specific value.
2- Clear spaces: remove leading, trailing, extra spaces or all fields.
3- Cells values: advanced Merge and split cells with many features.
4- Filter by: advanced data filters.
5- Row-to-column: make it easy to view long row data.
6- Data entry: date picker to enter date in cells.
7- Work area: customize the size of the work area.
8- Comments assistant: display only comments or symbols, convert comments into cells and vice versa, and more.
9- Change case letters: upper, lower, proper and capitalize letters.
10- Reading layout view: highlight row and column of the active cell as target shape for easy read.
11- Cell color assistant: create your custom cell format (back color, fore color, borders, text alignment, font size, font bold, etc) which you can use it whenever you work on excel all the time.
12- Sheets Names: extract all sheets name with hyperlink in one sheet to easily navigate to sheets.
13- Import Files Names: import your folder files names into excel sheet with hyperlink to open or delete them.
14- Backup settings: you can set the tool to automatically backup the data each time you open Excel, or only on demand.

The add-in integrates with Excel and creates an individual section in the command ribbon. Moreover, its ease of use makes it convenient for any user.