Doomsday – Survival Day for iOS 1.0

Type: Freeware
Cost: $0
Size: 41.70 MB
Release date: Jun 23 2015
Platform: iPhone,iPod,iPad,iTouch,iOS
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Country: China

Doomsday - Survival Day for iOS

Developed by Wordshop 4 Games Studio, DoomsDay is a 2D action game combining elements of various popular genres such as tower defence and strategy. Sporting a science fiction style inspired by the popular Starcraft iOS games, DoomsDay nonetheless provides a unique approach in the form of fast-paced action and interactive storylines. Set in a war-ravaged futuristic environment, DoomsDay features many different levels all with their own unique scenes ranging from ruins in the desert to military basis to cityscapes. You can upgrade your soldiers with an extensive set of unique guns, all of which you can upgrade using gold or crystal. DoomsDay also features a Story Mode offering multiple levels and different acts to take you into the dynamic science fiction world. Alternatively, players can also choose to try out the Survival Mode, where they’ll have to survive multiple waves of enemies within a certain timespan before the enemies gain extra abilities and become much more powerful. Find out more at