Data Mining Tool Makes Sales go Easier

Sevana Oy announces version 1.1 of PHP Proactive Sales Module, an affordable solution for learning your customers’ shopping habits. Analyzing shopping behavior of customers will allow you to make offers your customers cannot refuse and increase your sales.

Not always does a customer know what he really needs to buy, or at least what he might like, and it’s especially true for online shoppers. This is why a well-organized selling strategy is essential for successful online shops. Supporting software tools were quite expensive until PHP Proactive Sales Module arrived. Now you can make a good bargain by purchasing this tool for a fair price and thus reaching exactly the same goal: boost sales on your website. Using this module, you will learn your customers’ shopping habits, which will enable you to predict their interests and form good selling points for products purchased together.

The inner mechanism of PHP Proactive Sales Module works in the following way. The module processes purchase transaction data sent to it by POST method and returns an XML based set of associative rules built according to the unique set of algorithms. This enables you to see what items different customers buy in one purchase and link them to a chain of associated products. Thanks to the smart organization, the module is very easy to integrate with other products. Also it allows you to define how often the module should search for associative rules, including the real-time monitoring to provide every customer that currently makes purchases on your site with more products of his interest available in your shop.

The idea of how PHP Proactive Sales Module will significantly increase customer activity can be well demonstrated with an online music store example. The tool will gather information on what tracks are usually purchased together, so that next time some customer purchases a tune from an associated chain, a sort of non-intrusive window on the page can give him a hint what other records can be of interest for him. The same script will work for all following tunes he chooses until his pick has no related items. And so customers will buy more tunes at a time choosing from the list of musical compositions commonly purchased together by customers of the same music taste.

The module offers its unique solutions to provide your site with the customer treatment level comparable to such a popular store like and it doesn’t take a fortune for that. Now you know that it is not necessary to spend a huge sum of money on increasing your sales. Just try out PHP Proactive Sales Module to see that even affordable software can handle such an important matter. This module is ideal for small and medium web shops, stores and shopping carts. Please, visit for further details.

Pricing and Availability

PHP Proactive Sales Module requires a web server with PHP 4.x support or higher. The product costs 12.00 (EURO) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product. Further information on PHP Proactive Sales Module, is available from

About Sevana Oy

The company was founded in 2003 and specializes in production of affordable software with competitive features, as well as providing outsourcing services. So far the company has developed solutions for data mining, speech processing and business processes automation for SMEs. For more information, please visit