Create Your Own Virtual On-Screen Keyboard

Hot Virtual Keyboard 4.1 speeds up screen typing and makes using touch screen devices more convenient by replacing Windows built-in On-Screen Keyboard. This on-screen keyboard enhances ergonomics by introducing gestures and the ability to launch applications and run scripts and commands by simply touching the screen. Use a mouse, touchpad or fingers for typing with Hot Virtual Keyboard.

February 4, 2009: Comfort Software Group announces the release of Hot Virtual Keyboard 4.1, an advanced replacement of Windows On-Screen Keyboard. Hot Virtual Keyboard enables users of Tablet PC, Panel PC, Car PC, UMPC and similar touch-screen devices to type faster with less errors and more convenience.

Customization options for Hot Virtual Keyboard are literally endless. You can choose one of the 45 supplied virtual keyboards, customize any of them, or create a completely new look for your screen keyboard in a matter of minutes. Start from the obvious by choosing your own background. Set round or square shape for the buttons. Choose font to be drawn on the keys. Set new color and transparency. You’ve got yourself a brand-new keyboard in just a few clicks!

On-screen typing with a virtual keyboard gets faster and easier with the Word Complete feature available in Hot Virtual Keyboard for many languages. Supporting all languages and keyboard layouts installed in Windows, Hot Virtual Keyboard is a truly international tool.

Users of Hot Virtual Keyboard are able to define gestures, use on-screen hotkeys to launch applications and Web sites or run scripts. Perform routine operations such as copy and paste by simply touching the screen or clicking the mouse.

Also, this virtual keyboard provides endless customization options for developers of kiosk applications. You can design your own keyboard and built it in your own system.

Pricing and Availability

Hot Virtual Keyboard fully supports Windows Vista/2000/XP operating systems and can be purchased both by individuals and groups. A personal license costs only $29.95, whereas a multi-user license ranges from $21.95 to $4.95, depending on the number of users/computers. Purchasing a licensed copy of Hot Virtual Keyboard gives you several advantages, the main ones being immediate software activation, priority technical support and unlimited free updates in the future. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all orders. More information on Hot Virtual Keyboard, as well as its free downloadable trial version and FAQ, is available at

About Comfort Software Group

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