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March 3, 2010: Baltsoft Software has announced the launch of Web2PDF Converter, a new online service for easy and quick conversion of any web page to PDF . Its undisputable advantages are top speed and ultimate simplicity: the user should enter the URL and click the “Convert to PDF” button, and in a couple of seconds the desired PDF is ready for downloading. By the way, Web2PDF Converter is an absolutely free service!

Bloggers, website publishers and all Internet users can now enjoy free service of Web2PDF Converter, as web content is much more convenient to share, print, archive and read offline when converted to PDF format. The resultant PDF files can be also read with PDF-supporting e-book readers. Web2PDF Converter is a perfect variant for those who do not have PDF creating software, but can be used by anyone due to the speed and easiness of use. No fee is charged, no installation is required.

It should be noted that Web2PDF Converter also supports conversion via e-mail, which is highly appreciated by users not having free access to the Internet, except for their electronic mail. Here the procedure is not any more difficult: the URL is sent to , and the reply with an attached PDF is sent back at once!

Besides, the “Convert to PDF” button can be added to any site or blog for the visitors to save it as PDF in one click. The JavaScript code is provided here


– Easy and quick conversion of web pages to PDF;
– No software installation;
– Direct conversion from most popular browsers (add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari);
– “Convert to PDF” button code for any site or blog;
– Conversion via e-mail.

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