Keep Your Data Safe and Join the Club

Fort Worth, Texas – American Systems announces the release of Club
Backup, an on-line backup solution for the Windows operating system.
Club Backup offers 1 gigabyte of free backup storage with no strings
attached. All data backed up to the Club Backup servers are encrypted
using the same type of encryption that banks and the military use. With
Club Backup you can also sync files and access them on-line.

With Club Backup your important files are stored on our servers
encrypted with a password that you provide. That means NO ONE, not even
the employees of and American Systems, can see your files.

Club Backup lets you synchronize files and folders between multiple
computers. When you synchronize files you can indicate if a folder is a
primary folder that other computers sync with, or a mirror folder that
you sync with other computers. Club Backup also lets you access your
files from any Web browser with an Internet connection. That means that
your backed up data is available from home, office, or while you’re on

Club Backup is an inexpensive solution for keeping all of your data
backed up and safe. A number of club plans are available that give you
up to 100 gigabytes to protect your document, photos, and more.

System requirements
Club Backup will run under Windows 98, ME, and Windows XP. It also
supports Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, 2003, and Windows Vista. It
requires 4MB of RAM and 4.0MB of free hard disk space.

Club Backup is available, without charge, from the Web site at You get 1 Gigabyte of storage absolutely
free, with no strings attached.

For more information on Club Backup or other products from American
Systems, contact Matt Porter or visit the company’s Web site at