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TSplus Advanced Security 6.4.7

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TSplus Advanced Security is the must-have cybersecurity software to detect attacks on remote connections, protect servers and improve your network security. Cyber criminals know you use Remote Desktop Protocol to work remotely. And you need to know your network vulnerabilities to mitigate your risks. The TSplus approach combines smart cybersecurity technologies and the expertise of our remote desktop security specialists to deliver advanced threat protection for your servers and remote workers. Try it now for free! TSplus Advanced Security Ultimate Protection will be your secret shield against the increasing number of cyber criminals who try to take advantage of home office workers. Easy-to-use and comprehensive antivirus, it is extremely efficient from the start. It will provide a solid protection for your RDS Servers and sensitive data by fighting against hackers and malicious people with seven powerful security features:


Prohibit employees to connect at night with time-based control access: with Working Hours Restriction, you can specify what times and days each of your users or groups can open sessions.

Use Homeland Protection to block any IP address which is not in your list of allowed countries and thus protect your servers from potential foreign attack.

Block brute-force attacks thanks to a powerful Defender.

Inspect Windows files permissions at one sight and modify them in a click.

Detect and stop Ransomware on time and back-up data in a safe place.

Restrict access to specific devices.

Review all security events in real-time and durably improve your network defense system. Step into a more secure world! TSplus Advanced Security makes it so easy to reenforce your security policies and allow safe remote working.

Moreover, it can be used as a partly integrated, fully compatible add-on to TSplus Secure Remote Access for a complete remote office solution. Download the right shield for your servers now!

Auto File DRM Encryption Tool

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Auto File DRM Encryption Tool was developed with EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver(EEFD) SDK. The tool can encrypt the file transparently in file system level, it allows you to embed the digital rights management( DRM) data to the encrypted files. It allows you to protect the sensitive files from end to end, the encrypted files always stay encrypted in the disk. It allows only the authorized processes or users to read the encrypted file, the unauthorized processes or users only can get the raw cipher text of the encrypted file. The tool allows you to share the file securely, you can manage your own custom DRM data in your central server, you can grant or revoke the file access anytime and anywhere, you will know who and when the encrypted files were read.


The EEFD provides a comprehensive security solution to develop the transparent on access file level encryption products, to encrypt the newly created files transparently, to authorize or block the on access encryption/decryption under the control of client-defined policy. With the EEFD SDK, you can setup the control policies to protect your encrypted files, prevent your sensitive files from being read or copied out. With the access control policies, you can setup the whitelist processes or users who can read the encrypted files, they can get the clear text of the encrypted files. You can setup the blacklist processes or users who cant read the encrypted files, they will get the raw cipher text of the encrypted files.

With the embedded DRM in the encrypted file, you can protect and monitor your business critical document such as intellectual property and product design, wherever it lives or travels. To encrypt the files with the extra digital rights management data, you can control the encrypted file with the custom DRM, to expire your encrypted file, grant or revoke the control of the encrypted files anywhere and anytime even they were distributed.

Advanced Office Password Recovery 7.20.2665

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GPU-accelerated Advanced Office Password Recovery can use multiple CPUs and all the powerful processing units of your high-end NVIDIA and ATI video cards to remove, replace or recover passwords protecting Microsoft Office documents faster. Regain access to password-protected Microsoft Office documents in the most efficient way!


Advanced Office Password Recovery will help users regain access to password-protected documents by removing, replacing or recovering original plain-text passwords protecting Microsoft Office documents. Supporting all products, version and editions of Microsoft Office from version 2.0 to the latest 2010, the tool recovers all types of passwords including Unicode and complex languages. The recovery of Microsoft Money, VBA, PowerPoint and OneNote passwords is also supported.

The tool can remove or recover certain passwords instantly without lengthy attacks. The tool can unlock certain password-protected documents momentarily, including documents created with Microsoft Office 97 and 2000. Documents saved in later versions using the default Office 97/2000 compatibility mode can also be recovered instantly and automatically.

Strong protection may be removed automatically in less than 10 minutes by attempting to unlock a document with common, dictionary-based passwords as well as passwords previously recovered from your other documents. Using all known weaknesses, backdoors and exploits discovered in Microsoft Office applications to your advantage, the tool can unlock some documents in a snap.

If you’re forced to use the brute force attack to unlock your documents, Advanced Office Password Recovery is the tool for you! Allowing you to specify a variety of masks and attacks, the highly-optimized, GPU-accelerated low-level code uses all resources available in your PC to ensure the quickest recovery of the most complex passwords. Multiple CPU units and ATI or NVIDIA video cards are supported simultaneously to accelerate password recovery.