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LP 1.12

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Do you learn English? Do you have difficulty finding the correct English words or phrases?
It happens because some words, phrases, or sentence constructions
appear in everyday language too infrequently to be easily remembered.

Would you like to improve your English in a short time? Try the Language Pattern program for Windows (7, 8, 10). It is free to test for 30 days.
There are thousands of examples of English sentences for many different grammar topics.

This program is easy to use. You only need a few mouse clicks to get started.

The text-to-speech ability of the LP program can be very helpful for those who are learning English as a second language.
You see an English word and hear its pronunciation at the same time.

There are also many other advanced features. You can even make your English text for learning. The best way to discover this program’s enormous possibilities is to experiment.

GHC Timetables EN 19.2.72

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Penalara GHC is an automatic software to generate timetables for schools of different levels: primary schools, high schools, vocational schools, universities and all other academic institutions. GHC consists of 3 parts, which together achieve a balanced and optimal timetable. These parts are the planner, the engine and the editor. In the planner you configure the different elements that will make up the timetable of your academic institution: availability of teachers and their preferences, groups of students, classrooms, subjects, characteristics of the class units, meetings, on-call hours, etc. GHC offers the chance to set up different weeks or create four-month timetables. The engine, thanks to its complex algorithm, searches for an agreement between all the conditions and preferences established in the planner to find the best solution, making it balanced and optimal. The result can be displayed and modified from the editor. You can view different tables of teachers, classrooms, groups, meetings, on-call hours, etc. The software will also allow you to make all the changes you want manually and, if they occur, the programme will warn you of possible conflicts that could be introduced into the result. GHC has a new online file platform, a Web App and a Mobile App. The software exchanges data (data import and export) with academic management applications, both public and private, in order to facilitate the management of your academic institution and achieve work and time savings. You can view the complete list of applications through our website. If the software used in your educational institution is not in this list, a study could be carried out to integrate it. The timetable can also be exported to calendar managers and converted to different formats such as Excel, HTML and PDF. It is a desktop application that can be installed in any version of Windows from Windows 7. GHC is also available in English through our website.