Avoid Smashing Your Hard Drive to Prevent ID Theft with Secure Delete 2.0

EAST GRINSTEAD, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Diskeeper Corporation announced today that with Undelete® 2009’s new feature, SecureDelete® 2.0, users can avoid using drastic solutions to safely and permanently erase data before discarding hard drives. Which? Computing magazine recently published an article alleging that people should not only delete all files in their systems before discarding them, but also hit them with a hammer so to make it impossible to access the machine.

Few in fact realize that deleting files doesn’t actually erase the data. In reality, that data is still intact, leaving sensitive corporate information vulnerable to viewing. With SecureDelete 2.0, files that are secure deleted are immediately purged from the recovery bin and then overwritten using sophisticated bit patterns governed by the National Security Agency/Department of Defense.

“It’s something that gives others peace of mind when they come to me with sensitive information,” notes Mark Chong of MOAT Digital Design Inc. “There have been times when I’ve been entrusted with confidential data, which I delete afterwards using the SecureDelete 2.0 function.”

Now it includes a Wipe Free Space feature that securely overwrites a volume’s free space, which may contain past remnants of confidential data.

Additional Undelete 2009 Key Features:

* Recovery Bin captures all deleted files, even from network shares.
* Search Disk allows users to seek and recover accidentally deleted files.
* Version Protection for Microsoft Office Files provides instant recovery of earlier or “saved over” versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.
* InvisiTasking® processing technology performs Undelete’s background operations with zero overhead to ensure no performance hit.
* Emergency Undelete® recovers files deleted before installing Undelete 2009, provided they haven’t been overwritten.

To obtain more information or free trial versions of Undelete 2009, visit www.undeleteurope.com.

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