Verify documents with Plagiarism-Detector

Verify documents with a reliable and powerful software solution – Plagiarism-Detector!

February 10, 2009: SkyLine, Inc. an outstanding developer of Plagiarism detection solutions, announces the release of Plagiarism-Detector 8.0. Plagiarism-Detector is a reliable and powerful software solution that verifies documents originality by comparing their content with World Wide Web. It is a cutting edge product that incorporates the latest plagiarism detection algorithms with an easy-to-use interface.

Without a doubt, the Copy-Paste function has revolutionized our modern world. There’s no limit to the accolades that we can heap on this simple little macro that has made typing so much less tedious.

But yet, as with all good things, there is a dark side – an undercurrent of evil that takes the innocence of Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V and threatens to turn its shining soul black and twisted. What can the world do when Copy-Paste turns into Copy-Paste-Steal? Yes, folks, I’m talking about the dark spectre of PLAGIARISM. It’s here, it’s all around us, and we have to fight it.

Plagiarism Detector checks batches of source files in PDF, DOC, RTF, PPT, and TXT format against the massive Google search index, quickly producing immediate results in the form of reports that flag every instance of potential plagiarism. By splitting each document into text strings, Plagiarism Detector makes quick work of checking each paper’s degree of originality, leaving you free to do other things like craft rejection letters and schedule disciplinary proceedings. You choose the length of phrases to be checked, and the application takes care of the rest.

Using Plagiarism Detector is easy – just place the documents to be reviewed in a queue, then determine the level of scrutiny for the search – quick, basic, advanced, or custom, and let Plagiarism Detector go to work. When Plagiarism Detector is done, you can view the resulting reports directly in your browser!

Pricing and Availability

Plagiarism Detector is available in four versions:
Lite (USD 49), Personal (USD 69), Pro (USD 99) and Portable (USD 100). These versions have different functional capabilities you can find more information on the product’s Buy Now page:

Additional Licenses for Educational institutions are available on request.

About SkyLine Inc

Founded in 2000, SkyLine, Inc. is a team of university teachers and IT experts who have achieved remarkable success in development, sales, and support of plagiarism detection and prevention solutions.
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