Q-Word 1.1 creates crosswords puzzles automatically

Quantic-Storm announces today a new version of its software named Q-Word for easily creating or solving crosswords puzzles on Windows.

Q-Word is a software that has an advanced crosswords engine built-in. This engine can be used to create new grids with automatic black squares placement, to fill grid with predifined black squares pattern or to help user during manual crosswords creation or solving. Q-Word crosswords engine is able to test hundreds of thousand words in a second. As a result, crosswords puzzles generation is very fast even on difficult grid patterns (for exemple, generation of a 6 x 7 puzzle without black square takes less than ten seconds).

Q-Word is delivered with an English dictionary with more than 500.000 words, including 118.000 with associated clues. It is therefore possible to automatically create new puzzles with clues and to get ready to play immediately. Q-Word can also import puzzles from Internet in Accross format. Whichever solution you prefer, Q-Word offers a valuable help while solving a puzzle by proposing words that can be fitted in the grid. This list can be refined by cross-correlation with words already in place.

Availability: Q-Word requires a PC running Windows XP/Vista with at least 512 MB of RAM. License price starts at 39 €.