One Locker 1.1.9

Type: Freeware
Cost: $0
Size: 4.94 MB
Release date: Nov 29 2015
Platform: Android
Publisher’s Site:
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Country: China

One Locker

One Locker is an App Lock and App Protector that will lock and protect apps with using password or pattern. One Locker can lock your contacts, incoming calls, e-mail, sms, settings, photos or any apps/games in your Android phone. With One Locker, you will never worry about exposing your privacy and private data to others. Dont worry about kids change your settings and games.

One Locker Features
APP Lock
With APP Lock, you can love any apps (Including system apps and third party apps )and games in your Android to keep your privacy safe. Simple and easy to lock your apps with one click!

One Locker Vault
You can hide your privacy photos and videos with Photo Vault and Video Vault. No one can peep without your password.

Advanced Protection
Advanced protection will prevent One Locker from being uninstalled without password. You need enable Advanced Protection in One Locker Settings by yourself to let it work perfectly.

More Features
Lock any apps and games safely with password or pattern
New installed app lock reminder, lock new apps with one click
Advanced protection to protect One Locker from uninstall or delete
Lock Install and Uninstall to protect your phone
Lock your settings to prevent system modifying
Lock your WiFi, Buletooth, Mobile Network Data and Auto Sync
You can hide your password or Pattern trail
Set Lock Time, only activate lock at certain time

Q: How to protect my phone if One Locker is uninstalled by other?
A:You can enable the advanced mode to protect One Locker from uninstall or deleted. After enabling advanced mode, no one can uninstall it without password.

Q: One Locker is out of work, why?
A: Most probably because the cleaning app wiped out the data of One Locker. So please re-run One Locker after you cleans your phone.

Q: How to hide my pictures and videos?
A: If you want to hide some special photos or videos, please press + to add them into phone or video vault.