New time-saving add-in for merging Excel tables is released

Add-in Express Ltd. announces the release of the Merge Tables Wizard specially designed to make finding and copying matching data in Microsoft Excel tables a breeze.

Accountants, sales managers, consultants and other people who work with a large number of huge Excel sheets know that merging data from different sources is one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks. It might take hours to manually go through each row in one spreadsheet, identify the matching row on the second spreadsheet and update all entries.

Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel changes this all. It makes the task of consolidating data from two Excel tables at most quick, easy and comfortable. The Wizard sets the user free from the burden of mastering complicated Microsoft Excel functions, such as Match, Lookup, or Vlookup.

This handy add-in quickly finds and updates fields in the Master spreadsheet sourced from the Lookup spreadsheet. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the wizard makes the join process fast and easy. Rows from the two tables with different number of columns will be matched perfectly without copying and pasting. New rows will be added to the end of the main table.

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