NetBalancer 1.1 – Control Your Traffic According Your Priorities

February 4, 2009 – SeriousBit, a fast-growing software developer, announces the release of NetBalancer 1.1. This traffic shaping tool with lots of useful features lets you combine browsing the Internet and downloading huge files without any inconvenience. With NetBalancer you can monitor internet traffic, set traffic rate limits and even network priorities for all applications.

A lot of users surf the Internet while downloading movies and mp3 files, which take a large bandwidth and make surfing quite slow. How to combine all required network activities without getting annoyed by low speed? Most traffic shaping tools set speed limits for applications and processes, though it is not very convenient either. For example, you limit your downloading speed and surf your favorite web site. When you are done with surfing, the bandwidth is free, yet your downloading speed is still limited! Dealing with limits implies constant tuning of your traffic shaping program.

Try NetBalancer 1.1, and such problems will never disturb you. Besides traffic limits you can set download and upload priorities for all applications you work with. Applications with higher priority rank gain larger bandwidth, than those with lower priority. It should be noted that, unlike other traffic shaping software, NetBalancer does not limit low priority applications when high priority ones don’t use network. The limits are changing automatically according to priorities, and that is the main advantage of NetBalancer over other similar tools.

After setting all priorities and limits, you can see what is going on with the help of special features supported by NetBalancer. It can show all system processes with their in and out traffic speed; downloaded and uploaded traffic for any process or application since the start of NetBalancer; overall system traffic as a graphic chart. For continuous monitoring it is possible to view last 15 seconds traffic in system tray. NetBalancer provides you with everything for convenient browsing and downloading, but if you miss something, you can use a menu option “Request a Feature”. It notifies the developer of a feature you would like to see implemented.

Pricing and availability

NetBalancer runs under Windows XP x86/x64, Windows 2003 x86/x64, Windows Vista x86. A single-user license costs 29.95 $. Further information on the product, as well as the free trial version is available at

About SeriousBit

Founded in 2007, SeriousBit is a fast-growing software developer. Its major products are: EnhanceMyVista, EnhanceMyXp and UndeleteMyFiles. For more information please visit