Movienizer Tracks Movies for Fans announces the release of Movienizer 1.6, free software for movie fans to catalogue, track and research movies.

Are you a movie fan collecting videos and DVDs? Can’t wait for the dust to settle between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray? Have many shelves stuffed with movies in various formats? Finding the one to watch a problem? Bring your computer online to get professional recommendations and organize your movies with Movienizer! Catalogue, track and research your movie collection for absolutely free!

You’ve collected a variety of movies over the years, and are going to get many more. So many more that you’re starting to forget what you have and what you don’t. If the movie is not there, how can you be sure you’ve never owned it? Maybe you used to have one but loaned it to a friend and forgot all about it? Don’t get lost in your growing collection! Catalog all your movies while it’s not too late! Track loaners and get recommendations with a free movie organizer. They’re your movies from your collection, so why lose them if you loan a disc but forget who took it? Let Movienizer refresh your memory by allowing you to record who and when borrowed a movie whenever you decide to part with one temporarily. Movienizer helps you account for all movies that you already have as well as those you wish you had. Never lose a movie again, and always know who borrowed what from you!

Tried other movie organizers? Maybe a file or DVD cataloguer? Boring, no fun, no pictures and no live navigation are the first words that come to mind? Movienizer will change your world! Adding a movie to Movienizer-managed collection is a snap thanks to the tight Internet-powered search. Just type a movie title and Movienizer will refer to the Internet to download all information about that movie that’s known to human being. You’ll see immediately what the movie is about, how other people rate it, who is acting and where you can find other movies with those actors. At this moment you’re just a mouse-click away from being recommended a new movie that might just match your taste!

No more boring text-only presentation! Download posters and pictures or make your own disc shots and frame snaps with the built-in DVD player. Rate your movies or download IMDB ratings, and get recommendations according to your taste and preferences.

Sounds much like a Web site so far? Consider this: It’s your collection and your movies we’re talking about. No Web site will store information about your movies, and your movies only, sorted or grouped by an attribute of your preference. With Movienizer you can group your movies by director or by actor, sort by title or by genre, or create your own custom criteria to navigate through your collection as an ace. Finally, do you really want a Web site or an online service to know what you’re watching, and bomb you with email offers just for using their service?