G-Recorder: Record Skype Calls and Chats to Gmail

February 9, 2010: IM-History has announced the release of G-Recorder, a handy tool for recording Skype chats and calls to Gmail. Such a solution is a must-have for those who conduct business negotiations or learn foreign languages via Skype, as no PC troubles would ever affect important records. Besides, G-Recorder makes it possible to access the records online from any PC or mobile device. It is remarkable that right after the release G-Recorder was nominated for Best IM Feature 2010 by About.com!

Skype, being widely used for video calls, audio conversations and instant messaging, does not support any recording features. This problem can be solved with any of numerous call recorders, but in this case Skype records are kept on a certain PC and can be lost due to Windows reinstallation, hard drive crash, etc. As for G-Recorder, this useful solution is developed to store important audio conversations and chat log safely on Gmail.

Each conversation is kept as an MP3 file in a separate e-mail and can be accessed from another PC or mobile device connected to the Internet. For example, when on a business trip, the user can easily replay calls made from his workplace PC. Moreover, G-Recorder allows recording Skype calls from multiple computers to one Gmail account, arranging them chronologically (it is possible to use one G-Recorder license on up to 10 computers under the same Skype name).

By the way, the useful features of G-Recorder do not interfere with its simplicity and convenience. Configuration is guided by a simple wizard, and the interface is quite clear and intuitive.


– Recording of Skype calls to Gmail;
– Access to records anytime from any PC or mobile device;
– Recording of Skype calls from multiple computers under the same Skype account;
– Clear interface and configuration wizard.

Pricing and Availability

G-Recorder runs under WinXP, WinVista, Win7 and costs 25.00 USD for a single-user license. Further information on the product, as well as its free 14-days trial edition, is available from http://www.g-recorder.com

About IM-History

Founded in 2007, IM-History is a software development company specializing in online storage of IM logs and call records. The company is known for a free web service of online storage of IM logs and G-Recorder for Skype. For more information please visit www.im-history.com