If you use your digital camera more than several times a year on special occasions and take thousands of photos throughout the year, copy them to different media and store them in different locations, you may have already faced the problem of corrupt, damaged and lost files. When nothing and nobody seems to be able to help you, when you are frantically trying to recover your precious photos, when deadlines are closing in and clients are breathing down your neck, you cannot but wish for a magic tool that can bring it all back. If that is the case, Hetman Photo Recovery will be your digital savior for years to come!

May 28, 2008: Hetman Software gladly announces the release of Hetman Photo Recovery, a simple, yet powerful and universal photo recovery solution intended for a wide range of users and equipment. The software combines the ability to perform low-level disk scanning, detect and identify image files in a number of formats, including RAW, preview them in full size and recover to a specified directory – all this in a few clicks owing to its highly intuitive wizard-based interface!

According to preliminary tests, this product by Hetman Software successfully recovers images that its competitors do not even detect. This became possible thanks to the proprietary recovery engine underlying the software. Once the scanning process is completed, you can preview the recoverable images using zooming and filtering (by type, size and resolution) and mark the images you would like to recover. The software is capable of preserving the original folder structure if needed.

Being a universal recovery tool, Hetman Photo Recovery supports major file systems and makes the most use of their integrated features. For instance, it can recover files from encrypted or compressed volumes on NTFS disks. However, this is not all – you can even recover photos from deleted, formatted and damaged volumes on HDD/USB drives and flash cards!

Hetman Photo Recovery makes absolutely no changes to the content of your drives and memory cards during the recovery process, so you can rest assured that your data will not be damaged beyond their current state.

In a nutshell, Hetman Photo Recovery is one of the most efficient, well-rounded, reliable and yet simple tools on the data recovery market. A pleasure to use, it produces excellent results in situations when photos seem to be irreversibly lost. Considering its price tag and the features it offers, you simply can’t go wrong with it!

Pricing and Availability

Hetman Photo Recovery supports Microsoft Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista. A free trial version of the program is available for download. The trial version demonstrates full functionality of the solution except for the ability to recover files. You must register the program to unlock it. The software can be purchased for as low as $50.00. Registered customers are entitled to free priority technical support by email and access to program updates. Further information on Hetman Photo Recovery, a list of features and a tutorial are available at:

About Hetman Software

Hetman Software is a private software development company. The company is dedicated to producing easy-to-use, reliable and efficient data recovery solutions for a wide range of users and purposes. Since its foundation in 2006, Hetman Software has been working on improving its main products, developing new ones and providing technical support to customers across the world under the motto “We help our clients by finding and implementing simple and efficient solutions of complex problems”.