Audio Comparer Finds Duplicate and Similar Audio Files

Bolide Software offers computer users a new duplicate MP3 finder that relies on audio-content recognition to find duplicates and audio files with a varying degree of similarity on the computer

February 5, 2009 – Bolide Software today announces Audio Comparer 1.0, a duplicate MP3 finder for Windows. Until now, most tools worked by searching for duplicate files by file name, file size, date and ID3 tags and were unable to find similar audio files. Audio Comparer brings a whole new methodology to how we can search for similar MP3 music files. It works by literally listening to audio files and finding close matches by actual audio content.

Most users download MP3 files from the Internet or grab them from CD-ROM disks. When they do so, they often save and re-save files and their duplicates to different folders and subfolders, hoping to organize all this later. Over time, these records become heavily scattered throughout the hard disk drive, gobbling up disk space and making it harder to find the right MP3 file. Eventually the number of files grows to the point when the user understands it’s too late to organize this digital clutter unless one has a few days he can spend to pick each file, listen to it, compare with others, delete duplicates and put the right files into proper folders. Fortunately for everyone however, Bolide Software has come up with a very clever and easy application – Audio Comparer. Using the newes audio-recognition algorithm, this application can find exact or close matches with phenomenal accuracy, speed and ease.

To begin the search, the user runs Audio Comparer. It opens into a comparison wizard that takes one through the entire process in a point-and-click manner. Firstly, it’s necessary to specify whether to search within one folder or comparer the content of two folders. Secondly, the user must select the folder(s) with audio files. The third step is to indicate whether to search for exact duplicates or similar files. The user can set the custom level of audio similarity, which determines how hard the program will look for similarities in files. By default, this level is set to 70%. The final screen of the wizard tells the user to choose the output folder. Clicking on the Process button starts the search. Currently the program can identify exact or close matches in MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, AIF, WAV and OGG files. The audio comparison runs incredibly quickly; it takes about a second for the program to listen to one file.

When all of the audio files are processed, Audio Comparer comes back with the results. On the left, one can see the listing of all the files chosen for comparison. The tree on the right displays the results of comparison. Here you can select files based on their similarity percentage and take actions on them – copy, move them to a separate folder, or simply delete. Before deleting records willy-nilly, the user can listen to them in the built-in player to make sure he wants to delete duplicates, not just two versions of one song he’d rather keep.

Audio Comparer is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who has a large audio library and needs to delete all duplicates. It’ll save users many hours of manual search. Audio Comparer runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista. For more information about the product or to download its free 30-day trial, visit

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